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What A Great Summer!!
We appreciate everyone's patience and hard work over the course of the summer.  It has been a challenging but exciting time to play baseball.  Our on-line store is finally open (click on the logo on the right - it is open until August 9th) and we are headed to a great League Championship Series (LCS) starting July 31st. 

All 10 teams will be able to participate in the LCS and the way some of the teams continue to get better, any team could definitely win the championship!!  You can also watch the games on-line as we continue to work through the equipment failure and technical difficulties that have slowed us down at times this summer.  

Thank you all (coaches, players, staff, BNA Bank Park personnel, umpires, fans, families) again - we couldn't do it without everyone doing their part!!!      
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Draft Day 2020
We are excited to be hosting the first round of our annual college draft this evening, May 11th.  A tentative game schedule has also been posted!!  We will be expanding to eight teams for 2020 and are excited to welcome coaches Taylor Clark and Drew Dillard to our stable of outstanding coaches to compliment the great staff and facilities at BNA Bank Park!!   

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @cottonstates and find us on Facebook at Cotton States League.
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2020 Applications Due by May 3rd
We appreciate all of the applications we have already received - we will start approving them soon!! Approved Players should be able to see their name on the website and should receive an approval e-mail with instructions for payment.  We usually experience some difficulty with the approval e-mails based on various home PC filters - if you did not receive it but see your name under Approved Players, just send us a text or an e-mail.  

We are hoping to have 6 very strong teams again this summer so space is somewhat limited!! We will also play all of games on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (each team will play either Friday - Sunday OR Saturday - Monday).  This will allow the players who travel to stay and get their reps in without so much back and forth.

Please get your application in as soon as possible!!!  The deadline is MAY 3rd for our collegiate league.

If you have any questions, please feel free to text us at (662) 539-2440.  We hope that you are have a great spring and we look forward to seeing you in June.  Be sure and tag us @cottonstates on Twitter with your various exploits on the field this spring so that we can celebrate and share your successes.   

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